My Ending: A Paratext to Uzodinma Iweala’s “Beasts of No Nation,” By Kelsey Watt
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My Ending: A Paratext to Uzodinma Iweala’s “Beasts of No Nation,” By Kelsey Watt

My Ending: A Paratext to Uzodinma Iweala’s “Beasts of No Nation,” By Kelsey Watt

It is ending like this.



I am walking from the village to

The Garden.

the grass is green

it is our place to play.


Hope always brings me food

to eat together, oh.

But, I am waiting and waiting

Here, I am sitting here fading.


The wind is blowing the blades

And the cattails are exploding

Like bullet to the heart.

Floating white specs, spreading a part.


It is looking like Christmas, at least

Hope would say so.

She is always telling me about

Their snow and Their winter.


I am becoming wet and hot,

thinking that they may have took her.

She always told me,

They were the enemy.


The Garden

Is the place we play.

But I am feeling cold now,

Thinking they may take me away.


Hope is always telling me

To never look what’s behind The Garden.

She is telling me to be careful,

To never look at The Iroko Tree.


My mother is telling me to be careful,

Graceful and faithful.

I am always telling her: do not worry,

I am safe.


I still can’t find Hope.

I am watching the garden gate

It is flinging in the wind; whoosh, bam.

I am wanting her to come.


The Garden,

Is the place we play.


She is never leaving me here alone.

I am thinking that she is gone.

I am also feeling an itch on my skin,

It is the blades of glass, tickling me like a knife.


I am wondering where is this tree.

My mother and Hope never told me.

It is just behind The Garden,

How could I have not seen it before?


I am feeling my stomach ache,

She usually brings me food.

I am getting up and walking to the gate,

I am feeling this is a mistake.


Whoosh, bam.

I am out of the gate.


I am walking slowly,

And a small woman calls at me.

I am forgetting who this woman is,

I do not know her.


I am hungry, she is telling me.

I am believing her.

I am hungry, I am alone.


Black, old and weak.

She is stumbling to the back of The Garden.

I follow her to the forbidden area,

This forbidden tree.


There is a gate

But it is very small.

It is looking like a black hole.

Only a mouse could fit through.


I am hearing mother’s voice

Telling me NOT TO GO. 

I am hearing Hope,

But I am not seeing her.


Whoosh, bam.

This isn’t The Garden.

The ground is grey,

It is not the place I play.


I am small too, like mice.

I am getting behind The Garden.

The woman disappeared, along with the sun.

I do not know where She is.


I am seeing it.

I know what mother is telling me



There are stones;

Hope is telling me about stones.

She is telling me that people sleep,

They sleep a long time under the stones.


And then I am seeing The Tree.

I am to listen to my mother,

She is always telling me



Hope is gone.

I see it.

I am too under the stone.